Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Purchase Offer?

A Purchase Offer is an email that is sent to you prior to payment for your stamps. It will provide you with the amount we will pay for your stamps based on the types of stamps you submitted, along with their condition.

You can either Accept or Decline our Purchase Offer. The Purchase Offer allows you to see what we will be paying you for your stamps prior to receiving payment.

If you decline our Purchase Offer, we will send your stamps back to you, and you will be responsible for the return shipping fee at cost. 

A Purchase Offer must be accepted by replying to our email containing the offer in order for us to send your payment. 

How do I send you my stamps?

You can send your stamps with any carrier you wish ie. USPS, UPS, FedEx. We strongly suggest that you send your shipment with a service that includes a tracking number.

A tracking number will allow you to confirm when we receive your stamps. Without a tracking number, we may not be able to verify that we received your stamps.

You may also add additional services such as insurance and signature per your discretion.

Packaging Your Stamps

Please package your stamps securely in a method that will prevent them from being damaged by water moisture from rain/snow, and from being bent or folded from shifting during transit.

What if I don’t accept your offer?

Should you decline our Purchase Offer, we will send you an invoice for return shipping. You can pay the invoice online or by mail. Once paid, we will ship your stamps back to you.

Does condition affect your rates?

There are 2 types of condition labels we apply to your stamps. Each one will effect the rates.

New Condition

Stamps that are in complete books, sheet, and rolls with no bends, folds, lifted stamps, dirt/debris are considered New Condition. They must be in brand new Post Office condition. We pay 70% face value for New Condition Forever Stamps.

Usable Condition

Stamps that are in partial books, sheets, rolls, and single stamps; or complete books, sheets, and rolls with bends, folds, lifted stamps, or dirt/debris are considered Usable Condition. We pay 50% face value for Usable Condition Forever Stamps.

Is It Legal To Sell Forever Stamps?

In sort, the answer is yes. It is legal to sell Forever Stamps. There are no laws or restrictions on buying and reselling postage.

What types of stamps do you buy?

We buy all unused Forever Stamps regardless of their age. These also include Global Forever, Additional Ounce, Two Ounce, Three Ounce, and Postcard rate stamps.

While we specialize in purchasing Forever Stamps, we can buy any unused United States postage stamps, with a couple of exceptions.

There are a few types of stamps we don’t purchase. These include Bulk Rate, Presort, Nonprofit, or foreign issued stamps.

What if you don’t receive my stamps?

If you shipped your stamps with a service that provides tracking and your package is not delivered, you must contact the shipping service directly. We are not responsible for packages that are not delivered.

We strongly suggest you ship your stamps with a service that includes tracking. You may also add insurance and signature options per your discretion.

Once a package has been confirmed by tracking that it was received on our end, we will be responsible for it in case of loss.

What forms of payment can I receive?

We offer 3 forms of payment for your stamps. Each has a different turnaround time from the moment of accepting our Purchase Offer, and/or additional fee.

  • Check by mail (Free) 7-10 business days
  • PayPal (2.9% + $0.30) 1-2 business days
  • Bank Wire ($20 transfer fee) 1-2 business days

Additional fees are deducted from your total payment.

How much are Forever Stamps worth?

In 2022, Forever Stamps are worth $0.60 per stamp. Forever stamps are always valued at the First-Class Letter rate. How much Forever stamps are worth also depends on the type of stamp. USPS has multiple types of stamps that hold their value forever.

For example, there are Postcard stamps that are always worth the postcard rate. Additional Ounce rate stamps are always worth the additional ounce Rate. Global Forever stamps are always worth the International First-Class Letter rate.

Do you have a maximum quantity limit?

There is not a maximum limit to how many Forever Stamps we can buy. We are able to purchase shipments of any size.

How long will it take to receive payment?

We will issue payment upon the acceptance of our Purchase Offer. The time it takes to receive your payment depends on the form of payment you choose.

  • Check by mail (Free) 7-10 business days
  • PayPal (2.9% + $0.30) 1-2 business days
  • Bank Wire ($20 transfer fee) 1-2 business days

We typically process orders within 1 week of receiving your stamps. However, larger quantities of stamps or loose/single postage stamps can take longer for us to process. Your payment will arrive accordingly based on the payment type you choose. 

*Large orders may require more time. 

What if my stamps were damaged during shipping?

If you shipped your stamps with a service that provides tracking or insurance, you must contact the carrier if your items were damaged during shipping.

We are not responsible for for any damage that occurs to stamps during transit. There is no way for us to know the condition of the stamps prior to shipping them to us.

In order to prevent damage during shipping, please package your stamps securely to prevent damage from moisture and shifting during transit.